MSPP and Westminster College Students Upcoming May 2017 Trip

We are very excited to announce the implementation of our School Roofing Project! MSPP Engineers Tyler Bick and Allen Oertel and President Terri Cranmer are traveling with students and instructors from Westminster College to the community of Virginia in Guatemala. The community has asked us to help with repairs to their school. The school currently has only three classrooms with a rusty, metal corrugated roof that leaks when it rains, (remember in Guatemala there is a 6 month long rainy season) and does not deflect heat efficiently. We took the challenge and have been working hard to raise money and create a plan that is financially and structurally feasible. The supplies have been ordered in Guatemala and in a few short weeks our team will be there working on implementing the school roofing project. We will be working side by side with our friend in the community showing them how the roof is built so they can complete what we do not get finished in the time we are there. “Our project is unique because we are not tearing off the old roof , but rather putting a new roof separated by wooded spacers on top of the old roof to keep radiant heat from being transmitted into the classroom and provide greater ventilation”, says engineer Allen Oertel.  Keep your eyes out for pictures at the end of May.  Is there a school addition in our future? Stayed tuned to see!