Look to the Future, Guatemala

With two water projects in place in Guatemala you would think that was enough to keep us busy! But on her last trip to Guatemala our president, Terri met with the communities of Virginia and Las Mojarras to help them identify other projects that they might need help with.

In Virginia, we revisited two different topics, the school reconstruction and the community garden.  Through discussion we determined that the school reconstruction project was the most urgent. The primary school in Virginia supports the education of approximately 150 PreK – 5th grade youth.  When the school was originally built the community was much smaller but as the community has expanded the current structure is no longer sufficient. The 5th grade classes are being held outside
regardless of the weather. The proposal for this project will add 3-4 more classrooms, 4 bathrooms and will allow for updates to be made to the school kitchen.

The community also expressed a desire to begin a community garden on MSPP’s land. The harvest from the garden will be used to feed their families and any excess to be sold at market to help alleviate some economic burdens of the families.

We have reached out to the Argo Foundation in Guatemala to assess the property to determine the viability of the project.

In Las Mojarras, we were able to identify the need for hand washing stations at both the primary and secondary school as well as some structural work on the existing bathrooms.

New Project ideas are sprouting- we can’t wait to see them grow!