Welcome Back Senor Ruben!

MSPP would like to once again welcome our friend Senor Ruben Dario Gomez Gonzalez back to the region. For the past three years, Senor Gomez has been visiting the U.S. during the month of September. Visiting with local universities, colleges, schools and libraries, he shares the stories of his life, his culture and his country in a way that captures the attention of his spectators.  His lively discussion of the collapse of the Mayan civilization and the ancient archeological sites of Guatemala is accompanied by a powerpoint presentation depicting the beauty of the country of Guatemala and people who live there. Part of his presentation is dedicated to the discussion of how MSPP is helping to address the needs of people of his country.

His schedule is filling up fast! If you or your organization is interested in scheduling a presentation please contact Terri Cranmer at territlc2001@yahoo.com