A Letter from Namakando Nalishebo

I am Namakando Nalishebo and I am the first born in the family of three girls only. I was born in 1999. I am a single orphan having mum only. My father died on the 30th of October 2011 when I was 12 years old.

I started school in 2005 at Lukulu primary school, where I did my primary education from grade one to seven. I wrote my grade seven exams for selection to grade eight and I passed with 730 marks to grade eight. I was one of the best girls who got high marks. I was selected to grade eight at St. Columbus Catholic secondary school. While I was about to go to this secondary school I faced many problems because my father’s relatives did not care about us children. They do not want to support us for school since they are the people who are supposed to take care of us. They do not help us at all my mother is not employed because she do not have good qualifications for employment. She is just doing a small business to feed us. I faced problems like, where to find money for my school fees. Since I started grade eight I have been going to school without paying most of the times until grade nine. After writing my grade nine exams I paused to grade ten and selected to grade ten at the same school. This time it was completely difficult to pay for school fees and my mother found it difficult to clear firstly the bills I had for the past two years. So, now I had to find people to sponsor me so that I can finish school. I met Fr. Tembo, OMI, and talked to him at the church. He asked me to apply for sponsorship after hearing with compassion my story. I applied for sponsorship on 19th march, 2015. I was very happy because I was one of them who were given this God given opportunity through your loving kindness to have my dreams fulfilled of finishing school up to grade twelve.

I am now feeling better because you are my hope and support of me and family. I do not experience problems as before of being chased away from school for not paying school fees. Sometimes I used to miss many topics from school and have to wait for my mother to raise money from her small business of selling vegetables to pay for me. But since I worked hard at school, I managed to pass from grade nine to ten. I am happy for you and very grateful because I can concentrate at school and doing well in class. I believe that when you help the needy, God will bless you. Do not give up on us who need your help. God will reward you even more. To sum up all this about my life, I would like to say I am thankful to the people who are helping me. May God bless you always.