School Reconstruction Project


When the women in Virginia shared with us the fact that the 4th graders do not have a classroom and that they are forced to have class in the heat, sun, and the rain, we decided that we needed to make sure we looked into this. Outside classroom

Our president Terri Cranmer, put that on the top of her priority list for her trip in May 2013. She was able to visit the school, meet with the director of the school, and take photos to share with our board of directors. She not only found that some of the students were indeed having class outside; but also the bathrooms that the students use are in need of repair. She also visited the kitchen where two women stood over an open fire in a room cooking lunch for the students. They have an existing kitchen but it has no ventilation, the stove is in disrepair, and is too high for the women to cook safely.

Open flame kitchen

                                                       Open Flame that the women are currently cooking over.              

Measuring for windows for the existing kitchen                         Measuring for windows in the existing kitchen.                          

After meeting with the community it was determined that they needed two more classrooms, lodging for the visiting teacher, two bathrooms, and improvements to the already existing kitchen such as ventilation and a new stove. The families are willing to provide the manual labor for the project if MSPP can provide the funding.  MSPP is partnering with the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala for this project and is currently looking for partners in the US.